Adam Volerich

Adam began making films as a stop motion animator, or as it is more commonly known, playing with LEGO. Adam won his first film festival for his animated short, "BRAINS! A Bromance," the story of a young man who befriends a Zombie. Since then his work has been featured in a number of festivals across the East Coast and published on several websites including Dailymotion, Kotaku, G4TV, The Penny Ledger, XXL Magazine, Starforce Hip Hop and MTVu. 

Raised in the suburbs of London on a steady diet of fish n’ chips and Doctor Who he later relocated to the US where he discovered the wonders of Gogurt and independent cinema. When not watching or making movies he is searching for Sasquatch.



Nikolas Long

Nik Long grew up in the deep, dirty South of Virginia, dreaming of one day going off to Hollywood and making movies. Or becoming a superhero - both were considered good options. 

After moving up north to New Jersey, he took his first festival win for “KNOCK” - a short film based on the shortest horror story ever told, shot in a cabin in the mountains of his home state. He considers it his ultimate professional goal to bring The Twilight Zone back to television, and sometimes believes plants know more than they let on.

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